About Us

The discovery of natural fuel in Middle East brought prosperity to Arabs as well as to people of Kerala. Studies states, over Rupees 43 Thousand Crore been remitted to Kerala in 2008 by NRIs.The Muslim economy yet depended on other states and countries despite the major beneficiaries this influx of fund are Muslim community, yet to exploit for a sustainable economy, which trigger off, extensive brain drain keeps on aggravate challenges in social setup of the community.

Markaz, unraveling this crisis, by innovate trade, commerce, industrial and technological advancement through the community beyond borders, initiating Sharl'ah relevant ventures, resource networking, advanced executive training, orderly structuring across the allies towards sustainable and inclusive development of our community morally, socially and economically, based on the principle of solidarity, brotherhood and justice by the practice of good moral and ethical values.


Prepare honest, sincere, good and useful citizens and to firmly establish the rights of Life, Liberty and property of an individual by enhancing commerce and trade of our neighbourhood adhering Shari'ah principles for the evolution of our society into a sustainable economic power.


Be the ambitious merger for organizational productivity and prospective ventures under influential leadership that will in turn, encourage Shari'ah compliant commercial practices to the development of a new resourceful generation provides an environment full of energy and positive reinforcement of Islamic rationale to meet the most sophisticated demands of future.


Believe on the principle of solidarity, brotherhood and justice and always propagates the practice of good moral and ethical values.